Shillong Teer Results

Know More Information About Shillong Teer

Teer is one of the popular and well-known games in the world. Actually, it is a legal game which is mostly played in Shillong. It is a very simple game. Teer is also called as archery gambling. This game has been there in Shillong for more than years so it is income of larger number of families. The game is controlled by archery sports institute and 12 clubs. They are united to them where they are allotted to shoot on the ground. In this article get more information about Shillong teer game.

What is a teer game?

Teer is a popular game and mostly played in Shillong. It is very simple and easy to play. The archers from various clubs or villages come in a group assemble cylindrical target which is made up of bamboo thatch and use to fire an arrow towards the target. Once the round is completed, the number of arrows thrown at the target is counted. Then the viewers will predict the number of winning from 1 to 100 and if your guess matches then you will win the game.

Gamers can play their best by predicting the winning digits for each round. The bets can be registered on single or double-digit numbers. One can have a great chance to win more money. Overall teer is a lottery game which is based on dreams and archery. This sport is played from Monday to Saturday. It is divided into two parts called first & second half. So you can predict twice.

Why teer is popular in Shillong?

Teer is one of the traditional games of Shillong. It was started in the year 1950. The clubs from various villages host an archery game every week. They come up with a unique idea of predicting the right number. If your answer is right then you will win a prize. A large number of families earn income by playing this game. Later the government officially approved this game with taxes and legal certificates. Now, this teer game is more famous in various states of North-East of India too.

One needs to pick a number from 1 to 100. It is very simple to pick a winning number. You need to use a tricky calculation. However, it is mainly based on luck. Archers need to pay a specific amount to play this teer game.

What is Shillong Teer Results?

Shillong Teer is a popular lottery game which is conducted by sports association. Every day more than 20 archers shoot arrows at the target. The first round and second round results will be announced at declared timing. A person can win Rs. 80 in the first round and Rs. 60 on the second round. If one who capable to guess both numbers on first & second round then it is called a forecast. They will win a huge amount as Rs.4000. You can check your teer results online without any hassle. Results are published every day according to the rounds.